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Recap of the 2013-2019 Conferences!

2019 Girl Power! Conference

Theme: Level Up: Helping Femae Music Artists Get To The Next Level

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Keynote Speaker:

Tina Davis, VP of A&R, EMPIRE moderated by Stacy Cunningham- Moreland, Director of Strategic Radio Marketing & Events, EMPIRE

Tina speaking.JPG

 "When you’re in a big room filled with women with so much drive, you take notice of how much power women really do have to impact and change the music business. The girl power music conference is a true organic artist development one- stop shop must for growing female artists for networking and priceless information on everything from demo critiquing to marketing and licensing."- Vanessa Silberman,  national touring guitarist, singer, record producer, independent A&R rep

"Girl Power has become my favorite music conference to attend for the amazing and supportive community." - Teresa Tuan, lead vocalist, Oh The Nerve

2018 Girl Power! Conference

Theme: Girl Power! DBA: Female Entrepreneurs

Keynote Speakers:Jodi goodman, president, live nation, northern california with maureen ford, president, live nation, sponsorships, media & festivals

"What an inspirational group of women all in one room! I am very grateful for the experience & plan to be back in the future." - Lindsay Alexander, Director of e-commerce, FAMEHOUSE

"I'm SO glad I came! It's been so amazing to watch your event grow and thrive over the years.  My friend also had an amazing time and made some important connections." - Stephanie Sales-Klotz, Lead Counsel, Music Licensing, Pandora

2017 Girl Power! Conference

Theme: Empowering Women for the Stage & Workforce

Keynote Speakers:Gail Mitchell (senior editor Billboard Magazine) and Anasa Troutman

(Eloveate, India.Irie's MGR)

“Talking female power is one thing. Watching that power in action—and benefiting from it—is quite another. That’s why the annual Girl Power summit is building a solid rep as one of the music industry’s must-attend events.” ~ Gail Mitchell (Senior Editor, Billboard Magazine)

“I LOVED being at the Girl Power Conference. When I walked up to the front of the room and looked around at the all of the women in the room I realized how much I missed out not having access to something like this when I was starting out. It’s so important to be able to see yourself in community and to be supported in your work, EVERY woman in the industry should attend your conference.” ~Anasa Troutman (founder Eloveate, manager India.Irie)

2016 Girl Power! Conference

Theme:Blending Careers in Entertainment & Technology

Keynote Speakers: Kiran Ghandi aka Madame Ghandi

and Sakai Smith (from Train)

“The Girl Power! Women working in the Music Industry Conference was a well-attended, informative and delightful event that I am happy that I took part in as a panelist.  The conference was a great way for up and coming and seasoned female music industry veterans alike to converge, share and partake in educational and important conversation.  I am looking forward to future events!”

-Asya Shein, Founder & Publisher, Fusicology

2015 Girl Power! Conference

Theme: Profiting from Your Network

Keynote: Music Manager/Author

Jill Meniketti (Y&T)

 "It's no secret that key players in the Music Business have been historically been men, but that has begun to change. Fiero Flair’s GIRL POWER! Women Working in the Music Industry brings together a group of outstanding professional women who have each managed to find a successful place in the Industry despite the odds.  Hearing their career strategies and personal stories is not only informative, but inspiring. Don't miss it"

-Michael Ashburne, Entertainment Attorney

2013 Girl Power! Conference

Theme: Women Empowerment

Keynote: Music Historian

LeRena Major

Hearing from and being able to speak with industry veterans about the realities about being women in this male dominated music industry is invaluable and will be infinitely helpful to women both performers and music business women. 

-Suzanne Koga, Artist Manager, Roberta Flack


Girl Power is an afternoon well spent.  I left feeling inspired, motivated, and as though I had been truly heard.  Putting a group of driven and thoughtful women in one room to let ideas percolate is an amazing thing.  Fiero Flair curated such a fabulous cross-section of women in the industry. I was so happy to have met everyone!

-Stephanie Sales, Esq., Lead Counsel, Artists & Events, Pandora

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